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Welcome to Clarksburg Sports Association's Registration Page!  All registrations below are currently open!  Simply click on the green "REGISTER" button!

Returning members will need to log in using their email address on record and password.  New members will need to create an account beginning with your email address and password.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Registrations must be paid in full within 3 hours of your registration for the registration to be complete. Any unpaid registrations will not be considered valid and will be automatically deleted from our system.

Football - 6U Tackle - Free Registration

Age 5&6 Instructional - cost is FREE - Practices begin July 26th at Rocky Hill Elementary at 6:00 - Check your email periodically for updates, and contact if interested in volunteering.

Base Cost: $0.00

Opened: 04/09/2021
Closes: 08/23/2021

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 08/01/2014 and 08/01/2017

Tackle Football Fall 2021 Registration

For a detailed FAQ on this years program go to the Tackle Football page at $200 if registering before July 1. $250 per participant, if registering afterwards. Practices begin July 26.

Note: Registrations must be paid in full for the registration to be complete. Any unpaid registrations will not be considered valid and will be automatically deleted from our system.

Base Cost: $200.00

Opened: 04/29/2021
Closes: 08/15/2021

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 08/02/2006 and 08/01/2016

Cross Country Registration 2021





(More pics below …)

Ages: 7 to 14 (age as of December 31, 2021)

Start Date: Tuesday, August 24th at 6pm (first practice)

Regular Season End Date: Sunday, October 31st or November 7th

Expected Post Season End Date: Saturday, November 20th

Registration Fee: $160 (First child) $144 (Additional children)




We’re ready for another great season of CSA Cross Country.  Practice will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 to 7:30 pm, starting August 24th.  We’ll participate in probably 7 or 8 local league meets on Sunday afternoons beginning as early as September 12th.  Our last regular season meet will most likely be October 31st or November 1st.  Many of us may participate in “post season” which I expect would be the Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championship in Paris, Kentucky on November 20th.


Our “home base” for practice will be Rocky Hill Middle School (RHMS).  As you drive up Brick Haven Way towards RHMS, make a right into the second parking lot, and you'll find us all the way at the end, at the bottom of the hill.  We’ll practice on the RHMS and Clarksburg High School campuses – utilizing the athletic fields generally; specific 2, 3, and 4 kilometer courses throughout the campuses; and possibly the CHS track on occasion.  If we don’t have a Sunday meet, there’s a good chance we’ll hold a Sunday practice at an offsite fun location.


Please note, as we move into October and begin running out of daylight, we’ll progressively move the start of practice from 6:00 to 5:00.  We’ll go for just an hour during the last week or two of the regular season as it will be dark by 6:00.


The CSA Cross Country registration fee is $160.00 for the 2021 season.  In addition to registration, all athletes will need a uniform (singlet top $30, and shorts $20).  Warm-ups (jacket and pants) and spirit wear is optional.  Shortly before the start of the season, a link will be sent to families to order their uniform through the Athletic House online store.  If last year’s uniform still fits -- that’s great!  Also, we wear the same uniform as CSA Track & Field, so track and field athletes won’t need to purchase a new singlet top and shorts if they still fit.




  • 7 to 14 (age as of December 31, 2021)
  • 6 year-olds who will turn 7 by December 31, 2021 are eligible.  14 year-olds who will turn 15 before December 31, 2021 are not eligible.


Not too familiar with Cross Country?


It could refer to skiing, but usually – at least in this country – we’re talking about cross country running.  It’s both a team sport, and an individual sport.  You’ll find cross country offered in virtually every high school throughout the United States, as well as most colleges and universities.  In fact, a kid can earn an athletic scholarship for cross country just like they might for soccer, football or any other high school sport.


Nobody actually runs across the country as it might sound.  Cross country teams and individuals do, however, run races on open-air courses over natural terrain such as grass and trails – rather than the track or road.  These are the official race distances for each age group:


Year Born

Age Group

Race Distance



4 kilometers (2.49 miles)



4 kilometers (2.49 miles)



3 kilometers (1.86 miles)



3 kilometers (1.86 miles)



3 kilometers (1.86 miles)



3 kilometers (1.86 miles)



2 kilometers (1.24 miles)



2 kilometers (1.24 miles)


Few would consider cross country to be a contact sport.  The terrain is softer, and therefore safer in many ways, than the road or track.  Team scoring is similar to golf in that the lowest score wins.  And there’s certainly the opportunity to compete.


Here are a few great cross country movies to get you in the spirit:


McFarland, USA (2015) PG | 2h 9min | Biography, Drama, Sport | 20 February 2015 (USA) Jim White moves his family after losing his last job as a football coach. He sees that some of the students are worth starting a cross-country team and turns seven students with no hope into one of the best cross-country teams.


Remember the Goal (2016) PG | 1h 28min | Drama | 26 August 2016 (USA) A new female coach fresh out of college takes over the cross country program at an all-girls private Christian school and tries to lead them to their first state title.


Overcomer (2019) PG | 1h 59min | Drama, Family, Sport | 23 August 2019 (USA) A high-school basketball coach volunteers to coach a troubled teen in long-distance running.




Kids should be able to slowly run their race distance without stopping before practice starts on August 24th.  Below are links to our home courses.  For the best view, once you pull-up a course, change the view from Map to Satellite.  Maybe the kids will want to give-them-a-go before the season starts.  Mom and Dad, you can get out there with them.  All the courses start and finish in the same spot.  For the 4k, run the 3k first, and then go right into the 1k.

Clarksburg XC 2020 1K Course (run it twice)
Clarksburg XC 2020 2K Course
Clarksburg XC 2020 3K Course


Please get a new pair of running shoes that will be worn only for cross country.  Running shoes are the only protective gear required.  Small, worn-out running shoes lead to injuries.  Kids should have a half-inch of room at the end of their shoe.  The Saucony Kinvara is a favorite – super light, fast, and has minimal heel-to-toe drop.  Stride Rite (and others) sell a kid’s version of the Kinvara.  It’s the same as the adult version, but considerably less expensive.

Stay hydrated.  Be sure to bring a water bottle to practice, as it will be hot –especially at the beginning of the season.


Use the bathroom before practice.  We generally do not have bathrooms available.  If we're lucky, RHMS or CHS might be open.




Our local youth cross country meets are held on Sunday afternoons at schools or parks throughout Montgomery, Frederick, Howard, and Carroll counties.  We’re participating in meets hosted by the Central Maryland Youth Cross Country association, whose coaches and meet directors have been hosting youth cross country meets for 20+ years.




We’re big believers in motivating the kids to succeed.


  • Meets award ribbons, usually to the top 15 finishers.  Some award medals to the top 3.
  • “Best Time Cards” will be awarded at practice.  Every kid will get one after their first meet.  Kids that get best times in ensuing races will earn additional Best Time Cards.
  • “Coyote Finish” bracelets will be awarded at practice to kids that pass someone in the last 200 meters of their race.
  • “Milestone” bracelets will be awarded at practice to kids that run certain times in their race.
  • “Barrier Breaker” shirts will be awarded at practice to kids that run a race time with the potential to place in the top 25 at nationals.


Coaching Staff


The coaching staff is very experienced, having coached many seasons of youth and high school cross country.  We’ve run cross country ourselves, and we’ve helped our own children successfully progress through youth and high school cross country, and track & field.  Most of us will have some of our own kids on the team this fall as well.


We’ve coached a national team champion (boys 7-8 year olds) and at least two national runner-up teams (girls 11-12 year olds, and boys 9-10 year olds).  We’ve coached 2 individual national champions, a few individual national runner-ups, and probably close to 30 individual kids that have finished in the top 25 at national cross country championships.


Would you like to help coach?  Even if you're not too much of a runner, we can probably find a spot for you.  Our head coach will generally come-up with a workout for each practice, and you'll help implement it.  It's not too tough.  If you think you might have an interest, please indicate so during registration.


Program Goals


We’ll train, and get fast, but we’ll also have fun.  We’ll develop the whole athlete by encouraging self-discipline, self-esteem, and high moral standards.  We believe the sport of cross country provides not only a vehicle for physical activity, but also intellectual and emotional growth through sportsmanship and competition.  We’ll provide a memorable experience that will be rewarding and challenging.


Clarksburg High School (CHS) has exceptional cross country, and track & field programs – both with great coaches.  We have good relationships with those programs and coaches, and expect CSA Cross Country to be a great “feeder” program for CHS.  We hope to see many of our youth run cross country and track in high school and beyond, and proudly represent CSA Cross Country for generations to come.


Post Season

Kids have really enjoyed and benefited from participating in post-season national championship meets.  Teams can compete with as few as 5 kids and as many as 8 of a specific age group and gender.  There are three national youth cross country championships each year.  Most likely we’ll look at the locations and the dates and pick one – either AAU (Amateur Athletic Union), USATF (USA Track & Field), or CCCNYC (Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championship).


These are the dates and locations for this year’s championships:


Nov 20 Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships

Bourbon County Park, Paris, KY

Dec 4 AAU Cross Country National Championships

Charlotte, NC

Dec 11 USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships

Bourbon County Park, Paris, KY
























Base Cost: $160.00

Opened: 07/09/2021
Closes: 08/31/2021

Open to: Boys & Girls

CSA Cheer Registration 2021

CSA Cheerleading
Eligibility: Open to Girls and Boys, grades K through 8.
Schedule: Season begins August 2021 and runs to early November 
(Registration Closes August 10th)
Cost: $185   Register here:


The goal of CSA Cheer is to provide area youth the opportunity to participate in the recreational sport of cheerleading within a fun, safe, and positive atmosphere. Athletes in K through 8th grades will learn foundational cheerleading skills from qualified student coaches (Clarksburg High School Cheerleaders). Athletes will be instructed in Clarksburg High School Cheer motions, jumps, and stunt techniques, with safety as the main focus.


CSA Cheer supports the CSA Coyote Tackle Football Program and will run into early November. We will perform at all home and some away games. The number of squads will be determined by signups.

Mandatory Uniform Fitting:

Rocky Hill Middle School - TBA

Most likely uniform fittings will be done during the Kick-Off Practice.


Kick-Off practice will be held in August at Rocky Hill Middle School (Date TBA)

Practices are initially held outdoors, and then will move indoors later in the fall. Practice time is 6:00 - 8:00PM (during August) and 6:00 – 7:30PM (once school is in session).


Competition will take place Sunday, November 7, 2021 in Westminster, MD.  All cheerleaders are expected to participate in Competition and will be required to sign a letter of commitment. All coaches are volunteers and parent support is expected. There will be parent volunteer sign-ups at the first meeting. 



Cost and Uniform

Cost of registration includes the use of the CSA uniform shell, uniform skirt, field/gym rental fees, insurance, administration fees, competition, cheer jacket (new cheerleaders), 2 bows, banquet, and trophies. Mandatory Uniform Fitting will take place on:

TBA (Most likely Kick-Off Practice) 

Rocky Hill Middle School

Clarksburg, MD 20871

Note: All athletes are also required to purchase the mandatory CSA Spirit Pack:

Girls: midriff, briefs, two cheer pom-poms, and Boys: warm-up suit. Your additional purchase of the CSA Spirit Pack will be coordinated with the CSA cheer staff at the uniform fitting. Additionally, all participants are required to purchase white athletic ankle socks and white smooth bottom cheer shoes on their own.


Our Kick-Off Practice will take place in August 2021. Squads will practice Tuesday and Thursday nights each week at Rocky Hill Middle School and some Wednesdays for extra practice in tumbling and competition routines. More information to come on the Wednesday night practices. Practices are from 6:00 - 8:00PM for the month of August and will be from 6:00 - 7:30PM once school is in session. All athletes must wear t-shirts and elastic waist shorts for practice. Athletes must wear cheer shoes. These will also be worn during cheer for football games. Hair must be pulled back and off the shoulders. Please bring a labeled water bottle to all practices and games. The following are not allowed during practices due to safety precautions: any shoes other than cheer shoes, jeans, any shorts with snaps, zippers or buckles, dresses, or excessively large t-shirts. Jewelry of any type and gum are prohibited at all practices and games.

Games will be held on Saturdays supporting one of our CSA Coyote Tackle Football teams. Games begin in late August and last through early November. Home games are located at Ridge Road Recreational Park located at 21155 Frederick Road, Germantown. Athletes and their parents are expected to arrive 20 minutes early and to stay for the scheduled games. We will also cheer at selected ‘away’ games. 


All athletes will compete in the CCFL Competition on Sunday November 7, 2021. Our league will host the competition in Westminster, MD. Families are expected to sign a letter of commitment as regular attendance is essential during practices of competition routines. CCFL rules also state that girls and boys in competition will need a valid Maryland Identification card in order to participate. It is obtained from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. ALL MARYLAND ID CARDS ARE DUE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A UNIFORM FOR ALL SQUADS THIS YEAR. The instructions on how to obtain an ID card are located here:



Fundraising is a vital part of our program at CSA Cheer. All families will need to contribute in various ways. The following establishments have supported CSA Cheer in the past: GrillMarX of Clarksburg, Giant, Chipotle, and BGR (Neelsville Village Center) Village Orthodontics – Dr. Gordon Groisser, Wegmans, Harris Teeter, Dunkin’ Donuts of Clarksburg, Walmart, and McDonald’s Henderson Corner. Please visit them and show them our appreciation for their support!



Team and Individual Photos will be taken by the team photographer in September.  Pre-Ordering for prints and packages will be available prior to picture day!


Come Join the Fun: CSA Cheer – Leading the Pack!

For more information, contact your Cheer Co-Commissioners: 

 Julie Clingan & Allison Bograd


Base Cost: $0.00

Opened: 07/29/2021
Closes: 08/10/2021

Open to: Boys & Girls

In Grades: K to 8 for 2020-21 School year