Clarksburg Sports Association (CSA) is a non-profit organization that offers youth football, cheerleading, track & field, cross country, and wrestling locally in Clarksburg, MD.

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Position Descriptions

CSA is currently seeking volunteers in multiple areas including Sports Commissioners, Coaches and Directors.  Commissioners and Coaches are responsible for the successful implementation of the organizational mission and vision.  General responsibilities consist of the development, implementation, coordination, operation and growth of sport specific programs.  These positions are voluntary but offer an exciting opportunity for close involvement in the development of a comprehensive youth sports organization.

CSA is currently seeking qualified candidates for the following roles:

You are invited to submit your expression of interest, supported by a brief bio, contact information and references, to 

Commissioners will be responsible for implementing and direct oversight of the various sports programs working closely with the Association President to insure self sustaining and long term program success.  Commissioners shall know and enforce the rules, regulations and by-laws of the organization and policies and procedures pertaining to the sport they govern.
Optimally, Commissioners will have experience and evidence of creating an effective delivery system through a partnership approach and a minimum of five years’ business management experience with evidence of:

  • Effective leadership in complex external environments
  • Advocacy and communications skills
  • Politically adept and responsive to political and social change
  • Managing, building and developing high performance teams
  • Resource planning and allocation
  • Business planning and development
  • Financial control

Experience of setting the strategic direction for an organization and achieving ownership, credibility and success through a track record of delivery of high quality results against challenging targets is highly desired.
Commissioner candidates must:

  • have exceptional knowledge and understanding of the sport they lead
  • have an understanding of Clarksburg Sports Association mission, vision and business objectives, its polices and procedures together with a robust knowledge of the organization strategic and business planning processes.
  • have a strong understanding and knowledge of sports development at a grass roots level
  • be a confident and effective communicator and have the ability to motivate yourself and others
  • work effectively as a team member
  • meet the CSA criteria with regards to a personal background check

You will also be involved in building relationships with Clarksburg High School and Rocky Hill Middle School coaches and local organizations to provide routes of progression for young players as well as soliciting volunteers from the community.
Estimated time commitment:
Year one - 160 hours
Year two - 135 hours
Year three - 120 hours

CSA is seeking coaches to assume responsibility for the development, implementation and execution of the CSA sports programs and so for their future success.
Energetic and qualified coaches are being sought with experience and competency in multiple relevant areas of sport, who have the drive and commitment to deliver a comprehensive program and coaching qualities in accordance with the mission and vision of the CSA.  Your primary role as a coach will be to consistantly model organizational values, providing positive feedback and action plans to young people, encouraging and enabling them to develop sustaining relationships as athletes through their sport.
Your role will be to take a professional approach in the planning, preparation, organization and delivery of a specific sport for young people aged 6-14 who live in the greater Clarksburg area.  This will include coaching for practice, league play and setting up and running external events, such as clinics, to encourage wider participation and inclusion.
You will also be involved in building relationships with Clarksburg High School and Rocky Hill Middle School coaches and local organizations to provide routes of progression for young players as well as soliciting volunteers from the community. The large majority of your work will be on the weekends and in the evening.
Coaching candidates must:

  • have prior experience with coaching children and young people in their sport
  • have exceptional knowledge and understanding of the game
  • be a confident and effective communicator and have the ability to motivate yourself and others
  • work effectively as a team member
  • meet the CSA criteria with regards to a personal background check

Coaching certification and first aid training, while not mandatory, is preferred.
Estimated time commitment:
Year one - 175 hours
Year two - 150 hours
Year three - 130 hours

Operations Team Positions

The CSA Operations Team (OT) is responsible for conducting the affairs of the Corporation according to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and for accomplishing the vision and mission established by the Board of Directors.  The CSA Operations Team collaborates closely with the Board of Directors to develop and otherwise implement the various programs, policies and procedures of the organization.  The CSA Operations Team has responsibility for the successful implementation of programs and day-to-day operations for the Association.   The guiding concern of the Operations Team is the growth and development of youth who participate in the various athletic programs.



The Treasurer is responsible for the custody of all monies and securities of CSA, and shall have responsibility for the keeping of regular books of account with respect thereto.  The Treasurer signs checks and drafts for the Corporation, along with the President.   All financial accounts in any financial institution shall be held in the name of CSA and require the joint authorization, by way of signature, endorsement or otherwise, of the President and Treasurer to act and sign for the Corporation in financial matters.  The Treasurer shall keep accurate financial records, shall be responsible for submitting all documentation such deposit slips, vouchers, receipts, invoices or other records to the CSA Accountant for monthly financial reconciliation.  The Treasurer shall also make bank deposits, provide reimbursements to CSA volunteers and make corporate purchases from time to time using the CSA credit card.

Time commitment:  Approximately 10-15 hours/month



The Secretary shall issue notice of all meetings, shall be responsible for the keeping and maintenance of all corporate minutes, records, reports, and other documents pertaining to the affairs of the Corporation.  These responsibilities include administration of background checks for volunteers and for maintaining the corporate officer history.  Time commitment: Approximately 10 hours/month


Business Manager

The CSA Business Manager is responsible for supporting shared operational and fiscal activities of the organization across all sports such as permit administration, seasonal and summer camp insurance renewal.  The Business manager will analyze current procurement processes and identify areas for operational improvement and develop solutions to enhance efficiencies such as preferred vendor and supplier relationships.  Work with the various Commissioners on a community outreach (service) program to identify an organization they would like to help out in our community at the start of their season (i.e. a food drive for Clarksburg Assistance Network; Toys for Tots, etc).  The goal is to identify opportunities for each CSA sport to take on one small community cause, either as a collective group or by team.  Coordinate the various causes with the commissioners, coaches and team moms making sure the projects are identified and well defined.


Commissioners (All Sports)

The CSA Commissioner is the Champion for a specific area of sport within the organization, ensuring there is a clear, shared vision among all team members, participants and parents, with strong and effective leadership throughout.  Commissioners ensure that there is a robust sport delivery system that is founded upon internal and external partnerships working together to help meet Clarksburg Sports Association’s mission and objectives.  Commissioners provide governance around program development, implementation decisions and strategy.  Working with the President of CSA Operations, Commissioners identify growth opportunities, prepare budgets, recruit, interview, screen and appoint prospective coaches and assistants.


Commissioners undertake and/or direct special studies of sport implementation plans, issues, or problems.  Give advice and guidance to the coaches in the responsible area of sport of these problems, promoting the general welfare of the organization at all times.  Collaborate with league officials in the responsible area of sport to ensure contests are administered equitably and the core values of the CSA program are reinforced and implemented.  Ensure that the organization is well sponsored through fundraising and corporate support activities.  Commissioners create and sell sponsorship opportunities to further enhance the financial position of the organization.


As a member of the Operations Team, the Commissioner will work seamlessly as part of the CSA team to insure that the organization is known for high sportsmanship ideals and would develop a culture of high sportsmanship consistent with the vision and mission of the organization.  Commissioners conduct continuing educational programs to promote the development of coaches and sportsmanship.


Most importantly, the Commissioner will insure that the responsible area of sport is well run financially, exhibiting balanced budgets, surpluses, reserves and the efficient use of resources to achieve both financial efficiency and effectiveness of goal attainment, ensure the Coaches teach respective sport strategies in accordance with the vision and mission of the organization, maintain a positive outlook at all times and lead by example.  Time commitment (in-season):  Approximately 30 hours/month



The CSA webmaster is responsible for creating and maintaining the various web pages that may include forms, menus, tables, frames, graphics (such as buttons and menus), and other elements.  New content and registration information will only be added with consultation with staff or committee.  Weekly maintenance includes updating the front page news (and other pages as needed), to delete outdated content and add current information, looking for and fixing errors, looking for and repairing broken links, making certain that all pages are correctly formatted, and other basic upkeep.  Works with commissioners and operations team to solicit updated content and news, making recommendations for design enhancements to site as needed.  Time commitment:  Approximately 10 hours/month


Please direct all inquiries and interest to