Clarksburg Sports Association (CSA) is a non-profit organization that offers youth football, cheerleading, track & field, cross country, and wrestling locally in Clarksburg, MD.

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The Clarksburg Sports Association will strive to unite hearts and lives, and make our communities stronger and safer places to live, work and play through sports-related educational programs that impact children and their families with a message of hope, love and positive moral, ethical and spiritual values.
"Invent the Future"
Enacting vision is to invent the future, guided by values, and unrestrained by present ideological assumptions and status quo. Individual change and social transformation is possible when fueled with the right information and impetus.

The mission of the Clarksburg Sports Association is to help prepare today's youth for tomorrow's life challenges through athletic competition, teamwork and development of sustaining relationships.  The association will use sport as a means to advance the core values of acceptance, integrity, self-discipline, and respect for peers, coaches, families and officials.  While providing a holistic athletic experience, the Association will promote and model these values to help nurture children in becoming responsible adults and caring community members.  The Association believes that every athlete matters and should be given the opportunity to learn and improve his or her knowledge and skills, and the association will provide that opportunity.
Broad Partnership Reach

To accomplish our mission, the Clarksburg Sports Association will build a working partnership of diverse people and organizations who share a common vision, share ownership of the vision and share accountability of the vision.  These partnerships will be established by educating leaders, implementing programs and creating a local campaign to promote the vision.  Creative dialog will take place among parents, school faculty, local business, humanitarian, academic, athletic and religious organizations across racial, social and economic divisions.